'Words were spoken, feelings shared, and we spiraled together, taking the plunge into deeper waters with higher risk, but greater rewards.'

-HMN (via -secretsideofme)

I love this.

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11:17 pm


ofcourse. if wet peony leaves and foggy landscapes are 18+, this must be too. a road leading to a field?? birch trees?? grass and wild flowers?? very nsfw. once again the old ladies cover their eyes in shame. the little kid is even more mentally scarred than he was from the last image u so kindly warned the public about. the conservative christian man shakes his fist in anger and curses society once more. “first public breastfeeding, then a picture of a  field with fog in the distance and now this" he yells. "how can i explain this to my children?”. the brave teenager scrolling through tumblr right next to their mom is thinking “pls don’t be gay porn pls don’t be gay porn”, this image shows up instead and they are grounded for a month. that’ll teach them not to look at this very explicit content. and let us not forget the time stamp, 11:17pm. that is way past their bed time. thank you once again for your kind work tumblr user crankily. keeping the children safe from the dangers of the internet is a noble cause indeed. u are a tru hero to us all


(by tess norma parks)
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…and also rainy days and tea